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Are They Terrorists?

Hamas (image: Al-Jazeera)

The young people who are currently joining Hamas are babies who 20 years ago were eyewitnesses to the crimes committed by the Israeli Zionist Occupiers.  Many of them lost fathers, mothers, and loved ones.  They live in Gaza's dirty and deplorable "open prison".  They were blockaded from all directions.  There was nowhere to run to get out, and they didn't want to get out, because they loved their homeland so much.

Their playground was a pile of rubble caused by a bomb.  Delicious food, a rich life, amenities, toys, books, or a soft bed... just a dream for them.

They grew up with bomb blasts.  Formed by colonial violence.  Over time, their tears dried, and a great determination emerged: I must fight!

The children grew up. With full awareness, they take part in the selection.  Forged very disciplined training.  Learn to assemble weapons from improvised materials.  Not only their fighting techniques, but their emotions are well regulated.  They are careful, patient, and persistent.

Now, they are opening the eyes of the world, that Palestine still exists.  That there is resistance that arises purely from themselves.  Hamas is fighting alone in Gaza, against a giant that has the most sophisticated weaponry in the world.  With the disbursement of billions of dollars in funds from its allies.

Hamas is an expression of the collective sadness, anger, disappointment, and suffering of millions of Gaza residents.

In the past, they were armed with slingshots and stones.  Now, the next generation is able to make rockets and weapons that cost little, but are capable of blowing up merkava and outwitting iron domes.

Then, would you call them terrorists?

By Afifah Afra

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