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Sirah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW: The Prophet's Childhood

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Prophet Muhammad's baby was orphaned when he was still in the womb. His father, Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib, died at the age of around 25. While carrying merchandise to Sham, Abdullah, who was known to have a handsome and dignified face, died of illness. In a sad condition because of the death of her beloved husband, Aminah also raised her son without her husband by her side, but of course under the supervision of her father-in-law, Abdul Muthalib.

Halimah as-Sa'diyah

Although initially, Aminah breastfed the baby herself, because her breast milk was not enough, Aminah also asked for help from a woman named Halimah as-Sa'diyah who lived in a rural area in the village of Bani Sa'ad. While in the nursing period, the Prophet Muhammad lived in Bani Sa'ad and enjoyed the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the Arabian hinterland. At that time, breastfeeding their babies to nursing mothers was a tradition inherent in Arab society.

The incident of Cleavage of the Chest of Muhammad SAW

While in the Bani Sa'ad Village, an amazing event occurred, namely the cleavage of Muhammad SAW's chest. At that time, the Prophet Muhammad was still a toddler. This cleavage event is narrated in the hadith narrated by Anas bin Malik. When the Prophet Muhammad was playing with his friends, suddenly came two men dressed all in white. The Prophet was put to sleep, and his chest was cut open, a lump of black flesh was removed and washed with the water that was in the golden vessel. The lump of flesh is the heart of the Prophet. The Prophet's friends were shocked and frightened, then reported to Halimah Sa'diyah. This event frightened Halimah and finally returned Muhammad SAW to Mecca.

Back to Mecca

Prophet Muhammad returned to Mecca and lived with his mother, Aminah. At that time, Aminah's maid, Umm Aiman, took care of young Muhammad, until Muhammad's mother, Aminah died when the Prophet Muhammad was six years old. After the death of his mother, he was raised by his grandfather Abdul Muttalib, but when the Prophet Muhammad was 8 years old, his grandfather died.

Although Abdul Muttalib had many sons, it was Abu Talib, Abdullah's older brother, who later raised Muhammad. Even though at that time Abu Talib was in an unfavorable economic condition. Even so, Abu Talib loved Muhammad very much and always defended him, including after Muhammad received prophetic revelations, became an Apostle, and was opposed by his people in Mecca.

Abu Talib's real name is Abdul Manaf. He is the father of Talib (so he was nicknamed by the kun-yah name Abu Talib), Ja'far, Ali, Aqil, Umm Hanni, and Jumanah. The sons and daughters of Abu Talib, later during the prophetic period, entered Islam and became the main companions of the Prophet. In fact, Ali bin Abi Talib was a friend who later became the Prophet's son-in-law and became the fourth Rashidun Khulafaur.

While living with Abu Talib, the Prophet Muhammad grazed his uncle's goats in the pastures. He also began learning to trade with his uncle, a skill that would make him a successful trader as an adult.

Priest Bahira

When Muhammad was still a pre-teen, Abu Talib invited Muhammad SAW to trade to Syria. On the way, namely in an area in Bushra, they met a Christian priest who was originally a Jewish monk named Buhaira. The priest was impressed because he saw little Muhammad kept under the umbrella of clouds all the way. Out of curiosity, Buhaira examined Muhammad SAW's body and found signs of the prophethood on the boy's back. Buhaira told Abu Talib that this noble boy would later become the last prophet, and Abu Talib had to take good care of him.

The message made an impression on Abu Talib's mind, so indeed the uncle always looked after his beloved nephew until the end of his life. [US].

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